Trust and wait upon God’s perfect timing 

Waiting refines our hearts

By Bernice Gan and Hannah Peled 

Patience is often tied to our concept of time. In our highly efficient society, waiting can be a challenge. We are used to things being done quickly. If a pizza delivery takes more than thirty minutes, some restaurants may even offer compensation. 

The Greek word for “patience” in Galatians 5: 22 describing the fruit of the Spirit is “υπομονή”, which means “the state of being able to bear up under provocation, forbearance toward others” or “the state of remaining tranquil while awaiting an outcome”. 

Waiting for what we do not see 

Patience is about being able to wait for what we do not see happening now (Romans 8: 25) such as waiting for God to fulfill His promises or for Christ’s second coming. In the face of trials and difficulties, are we able to remain calm and allow God to work things out in His perfect timing?  

The Bible talks a lot about waiting. In the days of Noah, God waited patiently while the ark was being built. Then Noah waited for the flood to subside before he could come out of the ark. God promised Abraham and Sarah a son, whom they waited for twenty-five years to receive. God waited four hundred years before the sins of the Amorites received their due punishment. 

Photo by Unsplash / Zhu Liang

God’s patience has two sides. To our comfort, God is a long-suffering Father who allows us time to grow and learn. On the other hand, God’s patience also means that at times we need to wait for His timing for answers. Like the psalmists cried out, “How long, O Lord?” 

In waiting, our patience and endurance grow. Our hearts get refined. We learn to hope in God and trust His plan.

During Jesus’ ministry on earth, he referred to God’s timing, saying “My time has not yet come” and followed the Father’s perfect timing in all that he did. 

Whenever we go through a season of waiting, let us trust in God’s timing and hold onto His Word that He makes everything beautiful in its time. 

The battle belongs to the Lord 

In the battle of Jericho, the children of Israel were instructed to march around the impenetrable city for seven days. They had to quietly follow the priests who blew the trumpets. On the seventh day, they then marched seven rounds, and gave a loud shout. Sure enough, as they obeyed, the walls of Jericho came down and they conquered the city just as the Lord had promised.  

While the strategy might sound simple, it would take patience, submission and faith for the people to follow the plan. The result was a mighty victory. 

Photo by Unsplash / David Monje 

Some of us may have “Jericho” to conquer. The breakthrough may be nothing short of God’s miraculous victory or merciful deliverance. Some of us may need to hear God‘s quiet assurance: “The battle belongs to the Lord.” 

Let us not stop praying and trusting God for His victory. 

“For since the beginning of the world Men have not heard nor perceived by the ear, Nor has the eye seen any God besides You, Who acts for the one who waits for Him.” Isaiah 64:4 

Reflect and Respond

1. What results from waiting upon God? 

2. In the face of trials and difficulties, how can you wait upon God? 

Read with your child

Do you find it hard to be patient when you want something? It is normal to feel impatient. Waiting can be stressful and even tiring. Sometimes, when we pray for something we want, God may not give it to us immediately. But God is good – His timing is perfect and He always wants what is best for us. Waiting can actually help us to grow stronger in our faith!  

Dear God, help me to be patient and wait upon your perfect timing. 

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