About Us

About Our Learning Journey 

Parents today face an overload of information on how to raise happy, healthy and resilient children and how to actively participate in their child’s education. On the other hand, there is a lack of resources on values-based education.

What makes a difference in our world today is what lasts beyond academics. We desire to prepare children for life so that they may become a beacon that impacts the community. 

Curated by Anglican Preschool Services, Our Learning Journey is a local content platform that aims to inspire and empower parents to nurture and inculcate Christian values in their children. 

We are a community of learners – children who learn from teachers, parents who learn from each other, and adults who learn from our children! Together, we embark on a journey of sowing seeds and transforming lives.  

About Anglican Preschool Services 

Anglican Preschool Services is a faith-based preschool operator and an entity of the Anglican Diocese of Singapore. We seek to bridge the Church and community through high quality, values-based early childhood education. 

We are dedicated to sowing seeds and transforming lives within our nurturing environment so each child can discover his or her God-given potential.