Happy Father’s Day to the superheroes among us!

Dads of APS share their reflections on fatherhood

As Father’s Day approaches, we acknowledge and celebrate the superheroes in our lives— our dads. In a world often bustling with the noise of everyday responsibilities, it’s easy to overlook the quiet strength, unwavering support, and boundless love our fathers offer. Yet, amidst the chaos, they stand as beacons of guidance, guardians of laughter, and pillars of wisdom. 

This Father’s Day, four of our dads at Anglican Preschool Services (including our very own CEO!) share their reflections on fatherhood and the lessons they have learnt along the way.  

Jonathan Goh: Fatherhood is a journey of love, consistency and self-care

Fatherhood is a profound journey defined by selflessness and consistency. It’s about sacrificially putting the needs of our children above our own desires, embodying the essence of giving without expecting anything in return. Often, fathers tend to ask their children what they would like to do over the weekend or holidays instead of asking ourselves that same question, simply because they put everyone’s personal needs ahead of ourselves. 

The other aspect of fatherhood is about being consistent for our children. To me, it is about providing stability and predictability for them. Proverbs 22:6 underscores the lasting impact of consistent guidance, while Colossians 3:21 emphasises nurturing environments fostered by consistent actions and words.  

My son’s transition from preschool to Primary 1 was not easy. To support him through this period, I set consistent rhythms at home for homework, meals and chores to help him anchor through this big change. This approach has been helpful in providing the stability and reassurance he needs and I am glad that he is much more settled now. I have also prioritised spending quality time with him through outdoor play for him to be himself and for us to bond. 

In the midst of navigating life’s journey and demands, fathers strive to balance work responsibilities, parental responsibilities as well as our duties as a husband.

At the same time, while we care for our families, we must also prioritise self-care, nurturing our mental and spiritual well-being. 

We must find time to rest and rejuvenate, ensuring we have the energy and clarity to care for our loved ones effectively. In finding a balance between caring for ourselves and caring for our families, we model healthy habits for our children and embody the true essence of fatherhood — a journey guided by love, consistency, and self-care. 

Jonathan Goh is the Director (Finance, Governance & Business Development) of APS.

Darren Fong: I am learning to cherish every moment with my children

Fatherhood has reminded me the importance of being responsible and present for my child. God has chosen me, alongside my wife, to raise our children in a God-fearing and God-loving manner. Similarly, our children are also His offspring to be raised by us.  

One of the greatest lessons I have learned as a father is forgiveness. At times, impatience would get the better of me and I would react in a fierce and angry manner. But time and again, my daughter Naomi still laughs, hugs and plays with me despite my reactions towards her.

Despite my shortcomings, her innocent heart forgives and loves me over and over again. She chooses to see beyond my flaws and accepts me for who I am.  

My most memorable moment with her in the past year would be our family road trip in Korea. It was her first time sitting through a seven-hour flight and she did well, sleeping through the red eye flight! It was a meaningful time of family bonding and sightseeing.  

As I continue to navigate this season as a father of soon-to-be two, I am learning to take each day as it comes and cherish each moment spent with my children. The journey is undoubtedly tough but thoroughly fulfilling at the same time. I am also immensely thankful to my church community, work community and my family for it truly takes a village to raise a child

Darren Fong is the Assistant Manager (Centre Environment – Early Childhood Development Centres) of APS.

Alan Lee: Fatherhood revealed God’s perfect, unconditional love 

I still remember the first time I held my newborn daughter in an awkward manner, it felt dreamlike yet with an unspeakable joy. Her gentle smile, sleepy eyes and cute yawns were almost surreal. It’s incredible how something so simple can be so deeply moving.  

The dream quickly turned to reality when my wife and I no longer had control of our sleep schedule, when the laundry piled up twice as fast, and we had to constantly balance work and family responsibilities. Yet, watching my daughter take her first steps, calling “Dada” repeatedly, and growing into her unique self – her God-given identity – has been nothing short of miraculous. 

Fatherhood has revealed a facet of God’s perfect and unconditional love. It reprioritised my focus from personal pursuits to family.

It also trained me to be a semi-professional laundryman, bottle washer, storyteller, and more! This Father’s Day, I am grateful for the joy my children bring into my life and the opportunity to be their father. 

To my children, Noelle and Nathan, thank you for showing kindness, patience and love to one another. Thank you for bringing so much laughter, joy and many “LOL” moments to our family. You are our greatest gifts! 

Alan Lee is the Finance Manager of APS.

Andrew Tay: My role is a steward, nurturing and shaping my children’s lives 

Father’s Day is a poignant time for reflection, especially in contemplating the depth of God’s love. Through my relationship with my children, I have gained a profound insight into the divine love God has for me. This love is both sacrificial and unconditional, mirroring the sacrifices I make and the boundless affection I have for my own children. Just as I fervently hope for the best for them, God has devised His very best plan for me too. 

Being a father is an immense responsibility. I often worry about how my children will navigate the world and whether I have adequately prepared them for life’s challenges.

These concerns remind me that my role is that of a steward, entrusted with nurturing and shaping their lives. This stewardship calls for a balance of guidance and support, yet allowing them to grow independently. 

On this Father’s Day, my wish for all fathers is to embrace the capacity to love our children unconditionally. May we be endowed with God’s wisdom and strength, enabling us to fulfil our roles with grace and dedication. It is through this divine support that we can hope to steward our children’s lives in a way that would align with God’s will and purpose for them. 

Anglican Preschool Services wishes all fathers and father figures a blessed Father’s Day! 

Andrew Tay is the CEO of APS.

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