5 creative ways to celebrate family with your preschooler

Investing in love and lifelong memories

By Cara Lee 

International Families Day, celebrated on 15th May, is a day that recognises and honours families around the world. This day reminds us of the fundamental importance of families in society. From nuclear families to extended families, we celebrate the love, support, and strength that each unique family provides.

Having a loving family profoundly impacts young children by nurturing their sense of belonging and security, essential for emotional well-being and learning success. It fosters cultural awareness, empathy, and respect, preparing them not just for school, but for life.

Moreover, it strengthens parent-teacher partnerships, creating a supportive learning environment. In my experience, I found that simply asking our children to share stories about their family enhances language skills and fosters positive relationships among children, families, and educators.  

Prioritise family

Although prioritising family can be tough especially when both parents are working, it is always worth it as every moment spent with family is an investment in love, laughter, and lifelong memories.  

Full-time working mum of two preschoolers, Mrs Eudora Lim, shares: “My husband and I have learnt that all we need is good, undivided attention through play to fill our children’s tanks and this does not need to be a long duration. We set routines to carve out quality time with them. There is predictability for them as they know when we are busy and when to expect our attention. It could be reading books together, joining them in play that they have already started or coming up something else that may interest all of us.” 

Eudora spending quality time with her two children 

Just last week, I thought it would be fun to organise a competitive game – catching sliding discs down a tray where they had to catch specific colours only. It was very simple but so exhilarating that Grandma decided to join in! I introduced other silly games and after half an hour, we started to wind down for bed. What my son said took me by surprise: ‘Thank you, Mama! Games day is the best!’” 

“It made me realise that not every day has to be ‘games day’, but when we can be playful, thoughtful and attuned with our children even just for a bit, they enjoy it immensely and the connection goes a long way.” 

Participate in Family Day

Anglican Preschool Services is celebrating our annual APS FamFest on 18 May 2024 to bring together our APS community and families supporting our children in their foundational years! It’s not just an event, but a day where family bonds are fostered and cherished memories are made. As a beacon of unity in the early childhood sector, we want to encourage and teach our children the values of love, respect, and solidarity within families that provide a secure base for all learning and development. 

We have invited all families from the past and present to join us at APS FamFest 2024! Our theme this year is “Unity in CommUnity” – In a tight-knit community, our families band together to share experiences, memories and resources, fueling our children’s early growth and development. We believe in the importance of creating a powerful support network, fostering a sense of belonging and collective strength for both kids and caregivers. 

Join us for a day of unforgettable family fun, where memories are made, bonds are strengthened, and joy knows no bounds! Interested parents may sign up with their child’s preshool centres.  

Be creative

Besides attending Family Day, here are 5 creative ways to celebrate family with your preschooler. 

1. Family Tree Craft: Create a family tree together using construction paper and photographs of family members. Discuss each family member’s role and connection to the child. This craft not only fosters creativity, but also teaches family relationships. 

2. Family Story Time: Choose a special book about family and read it together as a family. Encourage your preschooler to share their thoughts and feelings about the story, fostering communication and bonding. Set up a cozy space with blankets and pillows and take turns telling stories about family adventures or funny anecdotes. Encourage your preschooler to participate by sharing their own stories or adding imaginative twists to existing ones. 

Eudora’s husband reading a bedtime story to their children

3. Capturing Memories: Take a walk or go for an outing with a camera or smartphone and capture moments together. Ask your child to choose some special spots or poses that he or she would like to remember. This is especially meaningful for children whose love language is quality time. 

4. What’s Cookin’: Whip up a little something in the kitchen together, involving your child in simple tasks like mixing ingredients or decorating cookies. This enhances their motor skills and confidence in the kitchen and also teaches them simple safety rules while handling real-life objects. 

5. Family Obstacle Challenge: Set up a simple obstacle course in your living room, backyard or even any outdoor space. Use items from nature, boxes, simple furniture, hula hoops, cones, cushions, and tunnels to create a course that involves crawling under, jumping over, balancing, and any other fun challenges. Time each family member as they complete the course  –  you can even do it in pairs! Try different pairings with different family members. This game encourages physical activity, coordination, and teamwork! 

Don’t forget that spending time with our children is one of the best ways to show them we love them. Happy International Families Day to all families big and small!  

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Cara Lee is Director of Early Childhood Development Centres – Academic Services, Anglican Preschool Services 

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