How we knew Little Seeds Preschool was the school for us 

Caring teachers helped our children transform in a short time

By Jolyn Chung 

Mid last year, my husband and I were looking for a preschool for my two children, then 5 and 3. We chanced upon Little Seeds Preschool (LSP) as it is a faith-based preschool and as a Christian family, we liked that they provide values-based education.  

When we went for the school tour at Little Seeds Preschool (TSA-Bukit Batok East), the first thing I noticed was how the children address the teachers as “auntie”. I felt like it brought closeness between the teachers and the students and that gave me a lot of comfort. 

Adapting to a new school

My children with teacher Auntie Xiao Qin 

My now 4-year-old son took a while to adapt since it is his first time attending school. I’ll never forget how the teachers were so patient, caring and encouraging while helping my son to adapt to this new transition.  

Auntie Xiao Qin, in particular, was my son’s comfort. During the initial days, he would cry when we dropped him off at school, but he seemed to calm down when Auntie Xiao Qin was around. I often stood outside the school to hear if he was crying but all I heard were loving and assuring words from Auntie Xiao Qin who offering him as many hugs as needed.  

During school excursions, his class teachers shared stories of my son and it warms my heart to know how much the teachers care for the children by looking at the little details. It assures me time and again that my children are in the best care because they have such attentive teachers. 

Picking up Chinese through bilingual lessons

Auntie Xiuyu reading a Chinese storybook to my children in school 

 My family is English speaking and it worries me sometimes that my children are not able to cope with Chinese in preparation for Primary school as I find it difficult to teach the language at home.  

However, my 6-year-old daughter who started Little Seeds Preschool last year picked up the language so quickly. In less than half a year my daughter was speaking mandarin fluently and could even write Chinese words!  

All thanks to her K1 teacher, Aunty Xiuyu for her dedication and hard work making the language so fun and easy to learn! I’m so impressed with my daughter’s Chinese since attending LSP.  

Auntie Xinyu with my daughter during a Children’s Day excursion to West Coast Park 

It helps that LSP has Chinese and English lessons every day which helps the children learn the language faster. Even my son picked up Chinese fast. He sings a new Chinese song every other week and slowly he started conversing to us in Chinese at home too. 

Loving teachers and staff

Of course, no school can be successful without a good leader. And I can’t thank principal of LSP (TSA-Bukit Batok East) Ms Stella Samathanam enough for her love and involvement with the children. 

My children with their principal Ms Stella    

Despite being the principal, students (including mine) would run to her and hug her during school periods and it warms my heart seeing how the children all love her.

She takes the time and care to interact with each and every one of them to gain their trust and little hearts. 

Jolyn Chung, Parent of Little Seeds Preschool (TSA-Bukit Batok East)

It’s been almost a year with LSP now, and the teachers are like family to us. They have helped in moulding our children, loving them and assuring us every now and then that our children are in good hands. They are also always ready to take on any feedback, positive or negative, with an open heart to assist us parents in any way. 

Thank you Little Seeds Preschool! 

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